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Kicking myself for not taking up Japanese in Yr8 when our school offered it. I could have gone on a trip to Japan and had free lessons for eight years but no I choose to do Italian beacuse my friend was in that class and she said its easier to learn!
Now i'm in Yr 12 and want to learn. I am going to start by learning all the hiragana characters then katakana. My goal is to read Japanese.
Now i'm accountable to this blog.

Attempted translation again :)

Japanese Graded Reader, Level 0, Book 2, page 1

The Soya Bean



These are soya beans.
The Japanese eat a lot of soya beans.
(Picture of a map) China. America. Japan. Brazil.
In the past, the Japanese people didn’t eat a lot of soya beans (soy?).

I was watching these commercials in my Japanese class and although they are hilarious I need assistance understanding what one of the characters is saying.
At 0:58 the girl says something that subtitles translate as "Mouth to Mouth" but I can't understand what she's actually saying. Then the same at 1:01, where it says "Gotta drink" I think it says nomanake but I'm not sure...
Can someone post what she is saying in Japanese? We are doing a project where we have to create a story based off of the commercial and it would be really helpful to understand the entire script.
Thank you!

I'm new to learning the Japanese language, it would be nice if someone wouldn't mind being my study partner, it can be a study group if more than one person wants to study with me

Hello everyone,

I am currently in my final year at university and I'm studying Civil Engineering.
I've always been interested in Japan, its rich culture and technology and it is for this reason that I wish to further my studies (Masters degree) from a Japanese University.
Since I don't stay (and have never been to) Japan, its quite hard for me to find out the best university to apply to.

I've been having many issues to the point where now I'm debating whether to continue learning this language or not. There's the issue of grammer, learning a number of Kanji plus readings, and time. Lately, I've been feeling so stupid about the whole thing. My skill when it comes to organization is piss poor at best. That and personal troubles are forcing me to consider continuing or not. My goal was to learn 100 Kanji a day. Now, I don't know if I can reach that.

If U want to learn Japanese from basic grammar, please feel free to visit the site below. You can answer exercises in the site as well. Have fun.

Have any of the users on this site ever teach English in Japan? If so how could I go about looking for work as an English teacher in Japan?

One day I was running a bit late for school. As I came rushing down the stairs at the station I noticed the train already on the platform with the doors open. I rushed in just as they closed.

“That's odd.” I thought, “The train is nowhere near as crowded as usual.”

As we pulled out a couple of stations later I noticed the local Daiei (department store). “That's odd.” I thought, “Daiei looks further away than usual.”


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