Hiragana Page 27 ぬ nu

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Hiragana NU


- [as in NEw]

MEMORY: It kind of looks like a but with a tail and no hat

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'dog'

- This means 'to die'

- This means 'raccoon-dog'


These ひらがな(Hiragana) pages are really helping, thanks!

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Great! I am always glad to hear that. :)

It looks like tangled up NOOdles.

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It looks just like NOOdles!

It looks like a V2 which is the abbreviated form of Version 2 which is the NEwest version of something.

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A dog curled up to sleep if you're looking from above! That or a weird rabbit nibbling the grass.

I sometimes like to look up the words in the dictionary in JWPce [Japanese Word Processor for windows], to see what other variations come up. For dog - いぬ - inu, I found いぬかき - inukaki dog paddle [swimming], don't know why, but I like it :)

Is it right?

I think this page has my favourite words so far *lol*

ぬ looks like chinese character 好(means good)

たぬきis not a raccoon, but a different species all together. >.<

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Correct. :)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanuki - "Tanuki is often somewhat mistakenly translated as raccoon or badger into English, animals which are similar to tanuki in appearance, but are actually different species."

Shouldn't we try and prevent that misunderstanding now, and not have raccoon/badger but raccoon-dog?

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Fixed. ;) Thanks.

I'm just going to put this one down as "NEw and crazy" in my book since this is the hiragana with the most curves thus far in the series of lessons. Perhaps it could be compared to a "NEw and crazy roller coaster ride??

It's like a whole new me :]

Writing this is always a chore. haha

meshed up inverted A and sideways number 9

looks more like a mashed up inverted A and sideways number 9

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