The Community at TJP

We have a large and enthusiastic community here at TJP that we'd love you to become a part of.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • The Forum is a great place to post things like questions on grammar or vocabulary you're working on, questions about learning materials, introducing yourself to everyone, taking part in some of the ongoing games aimed at building your vocabulary and skills etc... it's generally a slower paced format to give you time to think carefully about what you type and ask more detailed questions etc.
  • The Chat is a more laid back environment for general chatting, quick questions, practicing your Japanese (or English) with real time feedback etc. This can be a good place for people to start who might not feel like posting on the forum.
  • The Blogs are a good place to post general personal thoughts on things, like if you want to write a review about a book you bought etc... kind of your personal space on TJP.
  • The Groups are for getting together with other people for a common interest... studying for the JLPT, discussing Japanese Fashion, or whatever else!
  • TJP Friends is a place where you can get in touch with pen pals and make friends with people in Japan and other countries.
  • The Gallery is where you can post photos of yourself, your artwork, vacations, or whatever else... within the rules. ;)

So we hope you'll find the spot that's right for you and join in our community!

TJPへようこそ! (Welcome to TJP!)

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