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The Kotoba Zamurai Archives
Kotoba Zamurai - Fun Japanese language lessons

'Kotoba zamurai' articles are written to be 'a non-systematic approach to learning unusual, but useful words.' While these not-so-serious articles are written with the upper-beginner to intermediate in mind, even beginners should be able to get something out of them. If not, I may have wasted 15 minutes of your life... I will leave it up to you to take the chance.
Fun How to Wow Words in Japanese
How to Wow - Fun Japanese words with examples

Some words are just more fun than others. This area of TJP may empower your vocabulary with less than useful example sentences. Dozens of fun words in nine fun categories.
Interactive Web Quizzes for learning Japanese

Various Quizzes on beginner level Japanese
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Several FREE email lists on learning Japanese or store notifications.

Various other articles: [view:tax_fun]

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